Enrollment Device

| 25th April 2019

This enrollment device fingerprint scanner is for use with SYnergy/A and SYnergy/M terminals. Make onboarding an employee a breeze during on-site enrollment by adding this fingerprint scanner that is ready-to-use with any PC for quick and easy enrollment.

It only takes seconds to scan an employee’s fingerprint, to develop the file based on the geometry of the employee’s fingerprint profile, and to save and store that file for that employee. We recommend saving as many fingerprints as is appropriate for additional fingerprint authentication options should one finger be covered by a bandage or other obstruction. This fingerprint scanning does not save the fingerprint image for security purposes, but rather converts the fingerprint to a digital file based on the geometry of the pattern of the fingerprint and therefore cannot be fooled by two-dimensional imagery; the scan of the fingerprint must be of an actual finger rather than a printed photo or digital image.

Use the fingerprint scanner enrollment device to scan and record new fingerprints and enter a new employee into the system in real time, as well as to add additional fingerprints for existing employees to use as additional options for that employee for any reason.

Standard Features:

  • USB 2.0 (full speed)
  • Optical crystal sensor
  • FRR <0.0001%
  • FAR <0.00001%
  • 1404 byte template size
  • Produces 500 DPI images
  • Bus – powered 5V
  • <200mA working current
  • 58 x 79 x 53 mm in size
  • Operating temperature -10 to 70 degrees Celsius
  • Note – this product does not have its own power supply. It receives power via the USB connection to the PC at the enrollment station.



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