Facial recognition with 100% touch-free capability


The SY-910 is Synel’s latest Facial Recognition terminal with no-touch technology: a hygienic and cost-saving alternative. Instantly identify users for look-and-go punching and access control. Plus, add additional levels of security and authentication to the facial recognition time clock by adding badge swipe and/or PIN entry. Use existing badges or start with a new set.

SYFace 910’s three-dimensional facial analysis and identification algorithm cannot be fooled by two-dimensional images or photographs, and is so accurate it can distinguish between identical twins. SYFace 910 is the only biometric method that can provide visual confirmation of transaction records for optimum traceability.

Standard Features Include:

  • 6 function keys, 10 alphanumeric keys, and in/out keys
  • 3.5” TFT color screen
  • Ability to store up to 2,000+ face templates for biometric authentication
  • Network Communication: TCP/IP and WIFI
  • Identification Methods: Face, Card, PIN, Face + PIN, Face + card
  • Available Card Reader Options: Synel proximity and Mifare
  • Software Compatibility: TA100 LITE, TA100 PRO/SQL. GENESIS PRO/SQL, SY-Bridge, and SDK
  • Terminal includes wall mount, Ethernet patch cable, and external power adapter

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