Biometric Attendance

What is Biometric Attendance?

Every person has their own unique set of fingerprints. A biometric attendance system reads and registers fingerprints, as one of the most advanced forms of attendance recording.

Biometric attendance points will scan fingerprints to clock people in and out, accurately recording the attendance of your employees. They can also be used as a student biometric attendance system, in colleges and universities, and by schools for signing in staff and visitors.

A Biometric system doesn’t only offer a high level of security, it also makes it easier to maintain attendance records. Clock in and clock out times are automatically recorded, so that keeping track of someone’s time on-site becomes almost effortless. If you pay by the minute or require people to show up on time every day, then you can use your system’s records to see an exact clock-in time.

You can couple a biometric system with other forms of attendance monitoring, including a camera to take a photograph of each visitor or requiring a badge card to be scanned for verification.

How Biometric Attendance will benefit your business

There are many reasons to choose a biometric attendance system for your business:

Improved security

Biometric system attendance recording is reliable and secure. It ensures that only those with approved fingerprints can gain access to restricted areas, reducing security risk.

You can also set up a biometric attendance system that restricts access to certain rooms so that workers or students can only gain access to the rooms that they’re supposed to be in.

Accurate attendance records

With a biometric school attendance system, students can’t ask their friends to sign in and out on their behalf. In the workplace, staff can’t ask someone else to clock them in a few minutes early for extra pay or to clock them in at their start time if they’re running a little late—also referred to as “buddy punching”. Actual attendance is required, with no easy workaround.

Ease of use

It’s easy for almost anyone to quickly scan their fingerprint. Biometric systems for the workplace, or school attendance biometric software can be used quickly and without any training. The systems are simple to set up, requiring individual fingerprints for their records and then quickly finding matches each time. Biometric system attendance recording is quick and simple, reducing the risk of long lines at the time clock.

Why Synel offers the best Biometric Attendance on the market

Synel biometric attendance systems are amongst the best workforce management solutions. They can help you to manage labor costs, accurately record time and attendance, and almost eradicate security breach risks.

You can use biometric systems to control access and to highlight employees or students that might not be meeting their attendance requirements. Keep track of owed pay by checking when people are clocking in and out, with automatic records that make business management a breeze.

We provide biometric attendance system terminals that can be installed in convenient places. These include our easy-to-use SYnergy/A fingerprint terminal.

With the ability to store up to 10,000 fingerprints within one terminal, our solutions are suited to businesses and schools of all sizes. We also provide terminals with optional additional security, including PIN entry or badge readers.

Biometric attendance terminals have back-up batteries to work even in a power outage and come with a range of network connection options to choose from.

For more information about the benefits of an employee or student biometric attendance system, or to talk about our biometric terminals with fingerprint readers, contact Synel today.