Synel FAQ

What is Biometrics Technology?

Biometrics technology is an irrefutable verification or identification of a person by various physiological characteristics, which cannot be transferred or copied.

Biometric Authentication

Biometric authentication measures the unique, invariable biological characteristics of an individual. One of the most common biometrics used today is fingerprint information.

The biometric information is captured during enrolment and translated into a template, which is stored for subsequent authentication. The template is then stored in the database or on the server. During authentication, the biometric information is captured and compared against the stored template. If the user is valid, the two images will match, and authentication is achieved.

Pattern Recognition

Synel uses a pattern recognition algorithm as the basis for its fingerprint authentication systems. This algorithm processes the entire fingerprint image, rather than simply selecting a limited number of minutiae points. This means that pattern recognition algorithms are more robust as they are not significantly affected by the loss of information when a finger is scarred, damaged, or dirty.

Protecting your rights!!

The integrity of the finger print template is guaranteed.  We do not keep an image of your finger print!!! Our Biometric solution scans the fingertip ridges at a very low resolution, and translates the scan through an algorithm to a number. Only that number is stored.

How does it work?

Every time a Fingerprint is presented to the sensor, it will be compared to the appropriate algorithm in the data base.

Finger Print Verification – is the process of entering a pin # or using a card and comparing the current scanned image against a stored template. Response time is 1 sec

Finger Print Identification – using the finger template for comparison. No need to enter a number or use a card. Response time 2-3 seconds.