SYnergy GO Octa-Core

Full screen smart handheld terminal

5.5-inch HD Durable large Display · High speed Octa-core

Lightweight and easy to hold

The SYnergy GO Octa-Core adopts a 5.5-inch full screen design, with light and thin sides and a low weight of 300 grams. The outer shell is designed with professional anti slip patterns, and the back gray is used as the background color, which is durable and dirt resistant, in line with ergonomic design, and easy to operate with one hand

Super configuration runs faster

Using an eight core processor and Android 10.0 system,

during operation, editing data, uploading data, and images run smoothly without any issues

Front and rear camera imaging with fast and clear image quality

The SYnergy GO Octa-Cire has optimized the camera, greatly improving image quality and clarity by 13 million pixels in the rear and 2 million pixels in the front (with optional 5 million pixels). The image quality is visible and delicate, meeting the needs of photography.

Accurate scanning and efficient collection

Supports one/two dimensional barcode scanning, allowing accurate reading of dirty or damaged barcodes, efficiently completing collection tasks

Support NFC
Expand more application scenarios

Users can configure NFC read and write functions, support protocols such as ISO14443A/B15693, and facilitate the expansion of more application scenarios, such as identity recognition and employee management