SYnergy Fingerprint Terminals - Biometric Authentication

Our biometric authentication and data collection terminals help empower employers to better effectively manage time, attendance and access control systems. Plus:

  • Eliminate costly time card errors and buddy punching by implementing fingerprint biometric authentication and/or a combination of authentication methods including magnetic and barcode credentials, pin ID and more
  • Take advantage of SYnergy's ability to snap a photo based on programmable cues for added security, including punching in/out, access granted/denied, and more
  • SYnergy's powerful internal processor matches employees almost instantly and can be paired with additional external readers as needed
  • Power the SYnergy with traditional cables, or, for added savings on installation and for added safety with reduced voltage, opt for POE (Power Over Ethernet)
  • Easily enroll additional fingerprints for employee biometric authentication with the SYnergy Enrollment Device add-on
  • All SYnergy terminals can be integrated with Synel workforce management software and access control systems, as well as with an SDK or programmed to suit your customized needs
  • Don't sacrifice the power of biometric authentication in an industrial setting; the durable metal SYnergy/M is the most durable terminal yet and has all of the same capabilities as the SYnergy/A with the added durability of a metal case
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