XT Blu

Modern Workforce Management, Time Tracking, and Attendance

    About XT Blue

    XT Blu is a web browser-based time and attendance software host solution (ASP). XT Blu is a flexible addition to your workforce management software that provides a superior user experience with flexible add-ons meant to grow and evolve with your company.

    Plus, XT Blu mobile application turns any iOS or Android smartphone into a mobile time clock! The free application works seamlessly with the software solution to allow employees who travel, are remote, or have multiple job sites to clock in and manage their own employee dashboard from their mobile phone. Need to be able to restrict punches to specific geographical areas? Easily set up unlimited punch zones for employees or employee groups to manage geofencing for on-the-go punching.

    Use XT Blu with any computer that has a web browser, with one of our many hardware devices, or with XT Mobile on any smartphone with an iOS or Android operating system.

    XT Blu Features & Compatible Smart Terminals

    • XT Blu Standard Features
    • Compatible Smart Terminals