SY-420 & SY-440

The SY-420 and  SY-440 controllers are designed to control several doors in different work modes. The controller contains an internal software that can be accessed from any browser and does not require the installation of any dedicated software for the purpose of performing work definitions, authorized persons, and viewing the controlled persons’ movements. Access is restricted to authorized persons only.

Standard Features Include:

  • Manage 1 door 2 ways, 2 doors 2 ways or, 4 doors 1 way
  • Built-in web server, accessible via cell phone or PC pad
  • 20K user cards, 60K logs, event reports, and 1,500 system logs
  • Supports any kind of Wiegand reader with 26/34/66 format
  • Combine IP camera to centralize captured pictures when an event is triggered

For a side-by-side comparison chart of the two access control products, click here.