Access Control Readers

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PRX-20 Reader

The PRX-20 is a high-performance indoor/outdoor waterproof card reader with stable and simple wiring. These units are primarily used for access control, but can be integrated to use with your workforce management system to provide a complete solution for employee and visitor management. PRX-20 access control card reader can read cards up to 4 inches … Continue reading PRX-20 Reader

HID Proximity Reader

The HID proximity reader is a fast, reliable device with a small footprint that can be easily interfaced with workforce management systems. This device is especially essential for outdoor environments; sealed in a rugged, weatherized polycarbonate enclosure, it is designed to withstand harsh weather with a high degree of vandalism resistance. Standard Features Include: Recognizes … Continue reading HID Proximity Reader

HID iClass Proximity Reader

The HID Reader iClass proximity reader is a powerfully secure, multi-layered security solution that ensures data authenticity and privacy through the security of HID Global’s Secure Identity Object® (SIO®) technology. EAL5+ certified Secure Element Hardware provides tamper-proof protection of keys/cryptographic operations, while fully supporting the industry’s most secure contactless smart card technologies. Standard Features Include: … Continue reading HID iClass Proximity Reader

External Swipe Card Reader

The ER-1 external reader reads magnetic stripes with up to three tracks of information with a single swipe in either direction. In combination, the same unit can read both barcode and magnetic stripe media. Standard Features Include: TTL, RS-232, keyboard wedge, USB/Keyboard, and Wiegand interfaces are available. Edits and formats data. Can be programmed to … Continue reading External Swipe Card Reader