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It Pays to Partner

  • We know you have options when it comes to workforce management, which is why we’ve teamed up with PrismHR to provide a seamless time and attendance solution that ensures your experience is straightforward, reliable, and cost-effective.

  • Single Sign On (SSO) – Enables clients to log in via the PrismHR Portal with a single ID and password: no hoops to jump through, no extra login credentials or URLs to remember.

  • Integration – Save time, eliminate entry errors, simplify payroll, and improve your bottom line by utilizing our integrated software solutions.

  • All-Inclusive – Our popular system modules like mobile apps and geofencing are included at no extra cost to you or your end user.

  • Technical Support – No surprise costs for technical support for you or your end users; we include support with your monthly subscription.

  • Professional Services – We offer additional valuable, professional services at an extra fee upon request.

  • Ongoing Training– We offer training sessions to the PEO partner that empowers our partners to internalize professional services, saving you money and allowing you to be in control of your own timelines.

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