Hardware Solutions

Synel Americas provides innovative data capture solutions that focus on security and ease of use.  Punch verification methods include PIN entry, card readers, fingerprint, and handpunch authentication.  Our devices work on several software platforms that provide an integrated time solution for companies of all sizes.


SYnergy/A The SYnergy/A is a sleek, plastic-encased terminal with an embedded Linux open-source OS and a powerful processor for fast matching time while performing complex operations at the clock. Standard Features Include: 6 function keys, 10 alphanumeric keys and in/out keys 3.5" TFT high clear graphic color LCD cal display custom interfaces Java Ability to … Continue reading SYnergy/A


SY-910 The SY-910 is Synel’s latest Facial Recognition terminal with no-touch technology: a hygienic and cost-saving alternative. Instantly identify users for look-and-go punching and access control. Plus, add additional levels of security and authentication to the facial recognition time clock by adding badge swipe and/or PIN entry. Use existing badges or start with a new … Continue reading SY-910

765 Terminal

  The 765 provides fast, reliable attendance and access control for effective workforce management. Connect up to two additional devices for connecting printers or external card readers. Standard Features Include: 10 alphanumeric keys, 4 programmable function keys, and in/out keys 32-character LCD backlit screen Durable plastic terminal Network Communication: RS232, TCP/IP and WIFI Identification Methods: … Continue reading 765 Terminal

777/A Terminal

This elegantly-designed hardware is an advanced time & attendance, and access control solution that is easily integrated within your existing workforce management system. With multiple authentication methods available, administrators can customize the user experience and verification combinations. Standard Features Include: 10 alphanumeric keys, 8 programmable function keys, and in/out buttons 32-character LCD backlit screen Network … Continue reading 777/A Terminal

785 Terminal

Seize the power of biometric authentication with the 785. Designed for time & attendance as well as access control, job costing, and more. Easily enroll employee fingerprints for fast employee/visitor on-boarding. Standard Features Include: 10 alphanumeric keys, 6 programmable function keys, and in/out keys 32-character LCD backlit screen Stores up to 9,000 fingerprint templates for … Continue reading 785 Terminal

HandPunch Readers

HandPunch Readers HandPunch technology (HandPunch Readers) from Schlage biometrics authenticates users by identifying their hand geometry and comparing it against saved templates. HandPunch readers provide fast, precise, and hygienic time and attendance access. Hand scanning biometric data capture technology eliminates the need for employee badges as well as prevents buddy punching. Standard Features Include: 10 … Continue reading HandPunch Readers