Learn more about our middleware software solutions.

Software Development Kit (SDK)

  Synel can provide a Software Development Kit to suit the needs of the client upon request. The SDK allows Synel’s advanced hardware like SYnergy/A or SY-910 to operate seamlessly with the workforce management tools of your choice.


TMM terminal management service enables end users to efficiently and securely attach Synel devices to their own end point time and attendance or payroll application. Standard Features Include: Proxy module establishes and manages the communication and data exchange between the terminal and the end-point application and provides a user friendly interface which allows the clous … Continue reading TMM

SY Bridge

Synel’s SY Bridge middleware communication program allows our hardware to work seamlessly within your existing workforce management system in advanced types of data collection methods, both in real-time and off-line applications. Standard Features Include: SY Bridge can run as an executable program (*.exe) or as a service. SY Bridge supports various types of communication technologies … Continue reading SY Bridge