Genesis Software

Genesis– What is Genesis software?

Take control of employee management with the desktop-based Genesis software. Genesis offers complete functionality for recording time and attendance while reducing time spent on manual entries and errors.

Accommodating an unlimited number of employees, Genesis software records punch times for clocking in/out, breaks and department transders. It pairs with an array of time clock devices that support numerous verification methods including biometrics, PIN entry and badge reading to record the arrival and departure time of employees. This information can then be exported for payroll purposes, ensuring accurate and timely payment.

Genesis software is your employee and workplace management solution, which backs up automatically and provides detailed reports when they’re needed. See at a glance your employee clock in and clock out times, as well as monitoring attendance using Genesis software.

– How Genesis software will benefit your business

Detailed control

Genesis software can be programmed with all different pay scales and handles leave requests and daily or periodic overtime. It accommodates punch rounding if you offer time-based pay that doesn’t update by the minute and can track salaried employees without calculating hourly pay.

You can control access to the workplace, deciding who can move where within your building, and immediately lock out ex-employees once they have left the building. Access levels can be updated at any time, instantly with the Genesis software.

Unlimited potential

Genesis software can be used for an unlimited number of employees, and an unlimited number of shifts, for even the biggest companies.

Easy implementation

Working on almost any system, and very easy to set up, Genesis workforce management software can quickly become part of your business, cutting down time spent on Time and Labor Management and avoiding costly manual errors.

Save time and money

Produce detailed reports in just a few clicks. Add new employees, or remove them, in seconds. Genesis software is a time saving and cost-effective workforce management solution. This software automates many of the processes that you might have once done by hand, and calculates accurate pay based on real clocking times rather than inflated numbers.

– Why Synel offer the best Genesis software on the market

Synel’s Genesis software can be coupled with security hardware including proximity readers, handpunch readers and biometric terminals, for up-to-date information about employee working hours.

When you choose Synel for Genesis software, you benefit from ongoing technical support. We can help you to get the most out of workplace management software, with a system that improves performance and helps you make more of every minute.

By implementing workplace management software, like our Genesis software, you’ll have more time to focus on the most important things. And, with accurate reports, you’ll be able to see at a glance where your money is being spent. Genesis software is built for the future, flexible enough to accommodate working environments with unlimited numbers of employees, including temporary workers, and an endless number of shift configurations.

With Synel’s Genesis software, keep costs to a minimum and maximize company profits. Your workforce management software works in harmony with your premises’ security, to keep everything running like clockwork.

For more information on Genesis software, and how workplace management could be so much easier for your business, contact Synel today. We have more than 25 years of dedicated experience, with the best workforce management software.