HID Readers

HID-Prox-Point-Reader workforce management– What is a HID reader?

If you provide your employees with individual ID cards, a HID reader can scan their badge to provide them with entry to restricted areas.

HID readers read the embedded chips of HID cards, which are also known as access control cards or proximity cards. The chips contain unique codes to access data held about a person, including details about where they should have access within the building. These codes are processed automatically, allowing instant access to holders of authorized cards.

One of the most innovative functions of HID card readers is that they don’t require the card to make physical contact in order to read the chip. Employees can use a long-range HID reader to scan badges from a distance in areas such as parking garages where getting out of a vehicle is not practical.

– How a HID reader will benefit your business

Improved security

HID readers will only provide entry to authorized individuals, in possession of their badge. You can use badges at the main entrance to the building, but can also install a HID reader at the doorway of any room that should be off-limits to certain people. With HID readers, you can control access to individual rooms with different restrictions on each card.

Time saving

HID long range readers are a time-saving method of security. They require no direct physical contact, which means that they can provide access without the card being perfectly positioned. Someone could tap the card nearby whilst it’s still attached to a lanyard around their neck or gain access by tapping their wallet onto a HID long range reader.

– Why HID are some of the best proximity readers on the market

HID card readers provide superior access control. Options include indoor and outdoor card readers that can be used in all weather and environments, made from high-quality materials that will withstand whatever you throw at them.

For convenient tap-and-go access, our HID long-range readers can access card details from up to 4 inches away. LED lights and sounds can confirm that the data has been read. Card readers can also be integrated with Time and Attendance systems, to monitor arrival and departure times.

Options include the PRX-20 Reader, or SY-420 and SY-440 controllers with up to 20,000 user cards and optional photographic technology. With photographs of every person, make sure that cards are being used by the intended holder.

With HID readers, it’s possible to restrict access when necessary. Restrict access to certain rooms, allowing only authorized individuals, or to the whole building once you’ve closed for the night.

The HID proximity reader has vandalism resistance and recognizes more than 137 billion unique codes to suit even the largest of companies. It provides visual and audible feedback when a card has been correctly read and access is approved.

For more information about the benefits of using a HID card reader, or to discuss proximity reader options, contact Synel Americas today.