TA100 PRO Software is a desktop-based time and attendance software solution with a two-user capacity, 50 employee limit with auto poll/auto report, messaging, bell control, export builder, department levels/job levels, and more.

Standard Features Include:

  • Employee Support: Up to 800 (for greater than 800 employees, see Genesis PRO or Genesis SQL )
  • Concurrent Managers: Up to 25 (for greater than 25 managers, see Genesis PRO or Genesis SQL)
  • Autoprocessing Standard
  • Benefit Accruals: Optional module
  • Policies: Unlimited
  • Labor Levels: department and job only (for greater than 2 levels, see Genesis PRO or Genesis SQL)
  • Rounding Rules: One set per shift
  • Differential Pay: 3 per shift (for greater than 3 per shift, see Genesis PRO or Genesis SQL)
  • Approval Editor: standard
  • Overtime: 3 levels

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