Workforce Optimization

What is workforce optimization and will it work for me?

Workforce optimization isn’t just the new corporate buzzword; it’s a revolutionary new business strategy designed to help your management team to work smarter, rather than harder. Imagine that your business has its own digital ‘think tank’ ready to analyze company data and provide you with the best workforce solutions to increase profits without damaging service levels, and you’re on the right track. Workforce optimization solutions are quickly gaining traction in the business world as the best way to run an efficient, streamlined operation which minimizes downtime and maximizes profits.

What is workforce optimization?

Workforce optimization is all about reducing the number of staff you have – and the number of staff you need – by running your business efficiently and cutting out wasteful tasks. This doesn’t mean that you cut staffing levels down in such a way that customer experience or service levels are harmed, though; it’s all about balance. By using effective workforce optimization tools and strategies, managers can grow their businesses without having to invest thousands in extra staffing costs and keeping overheads low.

This only touches upon what workforce optimization is all about, but at its core it’s about using data to understand how your employees work best: ensuring that you’re utilizing your employees’ best assets, taking advantage of key skills, and allocating the right staff to the right jobs. Using a workforce optimization suite can help you to track staff performance, predict staffing needs, and to streamline your staff schedule.

How will workforce optimization benefit my business?

With vast amounts of data at your fingertips, drawing up effective but cost-saving staff schedule is a breeze. Workforce scheduling and optimization strategies can teach you how to use data to predict demand at various times and to schedule the right employees for different tasks. This means that your business will never be understaffed (and therefore not meeting customers’ needs) or overstaffed (and wasting money), and your employees will be happy in a working environment which gives them the space they need to excel. Workforce optimization software can boost staff productivity significantly.

To illustrate the real benefits of workforce management optimization, let’s say your business is operating during busy Christmas hours and you’ve hired extra staff to cover shifts. But these employees aren’t used to working these hours, and they’re all assigned to tasks they don’t usually complete, and so customers are complaining that your service is poor and slow – while you also spend far too much money on providing it. A manager using workforce optimization will know how many staff are needed to complete each task at any given time, allowing you to employ fewer staff with proven skills in each area needed, and delivering a better service and end product to your customers while saving staff costs at the same time.

Why you should choose Synel workforce optimization software

Synel is quickly becoming one of the most trusted workforce optimization software vendors on the market. Our workforce optimization software provides a cost-effective solution to scheduling employees and managing staff and is popular in a number of industries including the retail, hospitality, education and manufacturing industries. Our industry-leading software covers time and attendance with easy clocking, access control, employee scheduling, mobile workforce management and job costing, amongst others.

For more information about Synel workforce optimization software, please get in touch with our expert sales team for a free workforce management software consultation. The team can guide you through our tailor-made solutions and explain more about how our cutting-edge workforce optimization suite can benefit your business.