SYnergy 5 (5-inch)

SYnergy/F (5")

SYnergy /5 (5-inch) Face – facial recognition anywhere

SYnergy 5 (5-inch) Face brings facial recognition options to the latest generation of data capture devices from Synel and offers an enhanced experience for those applications that require employee self-service or activity/time costing alongside time and attendance. Authentication is fast and accurate thanks to dual IR and white lighting, making it suitable for use in challenging lighting conditions – even complete darkness.

Fast And Accurate Facial Recognition

Available in 20K templates, enrolment is performed on the device and templates automatically sent to all other devices on the network allowing any other authorized device to be used. A built-in reader also enables Mifare, Proximity, HID, and HID iCLASS card/fob options.


Safe and Secure

GDPR compliance assured, face templates are stored safely and securely as proprietary algorithms. No images are captured as part of the enrolment process, and the algorithm cannot be used to recreate an image of the person enrolled. In addition, Synergy Face comes with touchless capability, meaning they can be configured so that users do not have to touch the unit at all.


Never Lose Data

Authentication is performed on the device itself so if network connectivity is lost it will continue to operate as normal and simply upload captured data once connection is restored. What’s more, in the event of a power outage it’s back-up battery will keep the device operational for up to 2 hours.



Card/Fob reader:  Yes – Mifare (13.56MHz), Proximity (125KHz), HID, HID iCLASS options
Face templates: 20,000 templates
Verification:  Card/Fob, PIN, and Face (or any mix)
Connectivity: PoE & WIFI
Device compatibility: Synergy T Face shares the same template algorithm as Synergy 5 Face, allowing organizations to mix and match units across their estate