Employee Scheduling Software

If you run a business with shift workers, it is vital that you are using efficient employee scheduling software.

You need enough people working at all times, taking into account sick and vacation days. You also need your staff arrivals and departures to overlap, so that you don’t have a lack of staff during a changeover period.

Having the right staff, with the right skills, in the right ratios will maximize your workforce’s potential. You need to fit shifts around employee availability, and manage your labor costs effectively, whilst making sure that you’re not over-staffing, to keep costs down and maximize profit.


What is employee scheduling?

Employee scheduling is part science, part art. If your employees aren’t all working 9-5 jobs, then you’ll need to create a working schedule that gives them all suitable shifts. Your employee schedule must work for the company and your staff.

Some employees want part-time hours, and others want to work full-time. Some can only work mornings; others want evenings or overnights. Some need Monday-Friday shifts, others want weekends. When creating employee schedules, you’ll also need to think about legal working limits, booked vacation days and each employee’s individual skill and level. You’ve got to get the mix perfect, to maximize efficiency and profit.

Online scheduling software for employees can take the pain out of the process. Employee scheduling software solutions can help you create work schedules, monitor attendance and take control.


How employee scheduling software will benefit your business

With the best employee schedule software, you’ll have everything you need in any line of business. This includes scheduling software for small businesses and much larger companies.

Well-designed employee scheduling online software will make everything quicker and easier, from tracking your company’s busiest times and making future predictions to keeping you on the right side of the legal employee guidelines.

Workforce management software maximizes productivity, scheduling enough (but not too many) people for the job. As a result, you’ll always provide great customer service  without going over labor budgets.


Why Synel is the best employee scheduling software on the market

For retail, online employee scheduling software can help you to manage labor costs and avoid over or under-scheduling. It will also keep you compliant, in line with working time laws, giving your employees enough time off between shifts. Synel isn’t just suitable for retail, but for all types of businesses that need employee schedule software. It’s employee scheduling software for restaurants, cleaners, home care workers, hospitals and medical centers, hospitality businesses and even schools and colleges.

With Synel, you can make use of clocking devices that allow your staff to clock in and clock out. See exactly when they’ve worked, and make sure that they’re doing the right number of hours.

Synel is cloud-based employee scheduling software, securely storing all data and information so that you can access it from anywhere. Make sure that employees are clocking in when you’re not on-site, or work on the schedule from the comfort of your home. Everything you need can be accessed from any location.

You’ll need to schedule more employees during busy times, and fewer when business is quiet. Synel employee online scheduling software can take into consideration your sales figures and customer numbers, to create schedules that maximize productivity. Synel offers accurate forecasts based on business history, tracking sales and keeping you from going over-budget.

Synel offers everything you could need from online employee scheduling software workforce management tools. If you have any questions, you can talk to our sales team about tailor-made solutions for your company.

Your employees are waiting for you to adopt our schedule employee’s software. Are you ready to <a href=”https://synel-americas.com/contact-us/”>call Synel</a> and talk about what you’ve been missing?