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People. Productivity. Profitability

Fast and Accurate Data Capture devices.

A comprehensive range of card reader, fingerprint, and facial recognition biometric devices delivering fast and highly accurate capture of employee data with self-service capability for a variety of workforce management applications.

Solutions for Your Industry


Synel Retail workforce management solutions enable retailers to enhance the quality of customer service and manage a diverse workforce.

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We help manufacturers manage absence, control labor costs, reduce compliance risk, and improve productivity so their resources are in the right place at the right time.

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PEO’s Partners

Complete time and attendance solutions specifically designed with our PEO partners in mind.

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Synel Education solutions helps you create a safe cashless environment, monitor student time and attendance, safeguard your students, and secure your building.

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Track your employees’ schedules without exceeding your labor budget. Use the hygienic series of touch-free and stylish biometric clocking devices.

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Tailor Made


Talk to our expert sales team, who will guide you through our workforce managment solutions and the benefits for your business.

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of companies are affected by time theft


of average overtime cost can be saved with Synel Workforce Management Software


of HR professionals are struggling to spend time working on value added initiatives

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Managing Time and Attendance

Every organization is unique, and so is its workforce management requirements. Synel has more than three decades of experience in providing bespoke solutions to meet your company’s needs.

When you work with Synel, you can access real time up-to-date information on your workforce from your laptop, tablet or smartphone. Simply log in and gain an immediate overview of your workforce status in multiple areas.

When it comes to employee schedule management, we have you covered. You can manage all aspects of your workforce timetables, including holiday requests, absences, shift scheduling and maternity leave. This gives you more time to dedicate to the value-adding aspects of your role.

You can pay closer attention to costings, employee productivity and general sales without spending more of your time on these tasks. No matter what current and future challenges present themselves, the powerful workforce management tools offered by Synel will help you remain proactive. Use Synel’s web-based solutions to regain control of your business. What’s more, you’ll be entirely supported every step of the way thanks to Synel-Americas on-hand consultants and support staff. No matter what question you have, we can answer it.

Unlock your maximum business potential with Synel: The workforce management system your company needs to grow and succeed.

  • Time & Attendance Management
  • Job Costing
  • Employee Scheduling
  • Access Control
  • Labor Analytics
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Expenses Management
  • Mobile Workforce
  • Absence Management
  • Data Collection