Access Control

Learn how easy it is to implement and integrate complete access control readers and controllers, both for new systems and existing time and attendance or workforce management systems.

SY-420 & SY- 440

The SY-420 and  SY-440 controllers are designed to control several doors in different work modes. The controller contains an internal software that can be accessed from any browser and does not require the installation of any dedicated software for the purpose of performing work definitions, authorized persons, and viewing the controlled persons' movements. Access is … Continue reading SY-420 & SY- 440

PRX-20 Reader

The PRX-20 is a high-performance indoor/outdoor waterproof card reader with stable and simple wiring. These units are primarily used for access control, but can be integrated to use with your workforce management system to provide a complete solution for employee and visitor management. PRX-20 access control card reader can read cards up to 4 inches … Continue reading PRX-20 Reader

HID Proximity Reader

The HID proximity reader is a fast, reliable device with a small footprint that can be easily interfaced with workforce management systems. This device is especially essential for outdoor environments; sealed in a rugged, weatherized polycarbonate enclosure, it is designed to withstand harsh weather with a high degree of vandalism resistance. Standard Features Include: Recognizes … Continue reading HID Proximity Reader

HID iClass Proximity Reader

The HID Reader iClass proximity reader is a powerfully secure, multi-layered security solution that ensures data authenticity and privacy through the security of HID Global’s Secure Identity Object® (SIO®) technology. EAL5+ certified Secure Element Hardware provides tamper-proof protection of keys/cryptographic operations, while fully supporting the industry’s most secure contactless smart card technologies. Standard Features Include: … Continue reading HID iClass Proximity Reader

External Swipe Card Reader

The ER-1 external reader reads magnetic stripes with up to three tracks of information with a single swipe in either direction. In combination, the same unit can read both barcode and magnetic stripe media. Standard Features Include: TTL, RS-232, keyboard wedge, USB/Keyboard, and Wiegand interfaces are available. Edits and formats data. Can be programmed to … Continue reading External Swipe Card Reader