SY-BRIDGE workforce management


| 1st May 2019

SYBridge is a free middleware communication program that allows Synel’s hardware to work seamlessly within your existing workforce management system in advanced types of data collection methods, both in real-time and off-line applications.

Standard Features:

  • SYBridge can run as an executable program (*.exe) or as a service.
  • SYBridge supports various types of communication technologies such as: TCP, HTTP/HTTPS, RS-232/485, dial-up modem, WiFi, and GPRS.
  • SYBridge supports communication functions for third party devices like TDCS by Diva or FreeSWITCH, LPR and burglar alarm devices. The method SYBridge uses for getting data or a query from the various devices is adapted according to their communication type. Some devices are pooled continuously while for others a listener is opened and the SYBridge waits for data to arrive via TCP or HTTP.
  • Once all of the communication with terminals is completed by SYBridge, the application is only responsible for functional checking. Usage of SYBridge considerably simplifies the integration with applications like time and attendance, shop floor control management, job costing, meal management and access control.
  • SYBridge is written in .Net technology and works with latest Framework versions. It can run on a 32 or 64 bit operating system. This technology enables simultaneous programming of multiple terminals which saves time and minimizes system idle time. With SYBridge installed, system programming is extremely fast.

System Requirements:

Windows 32 or 64bit OS, Framework 4.0

Compatibility Considerations:

Works with all Synel hardware, and can support communication functions for some third party devices.


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