| 26th April 2019

GENESIS PRO Software is a desktop-based time and attendance software solution with an unlimited multi-user option for unlimited employees. GENESIS PRO is available in Enterprise level versions as a licensed product.

Standard features include:

  • Online time card editing
  • Built-in payroll export
  • Auto daylight savings
  • Up to 5 labor levels
  • Unlimited shifts
  • Unlimited user-defined pay policies
  • Daily overtime and periodic overtime available
  • Built-in System backup
  • Division breakdown
  • Punch rounding
  • Approval editor
  • Status board
  • Salaried employee tracking
  • Global transactions
  • Payroll exports
  • Holiday groups
  • Leave requests

Available modules include:

  • Unlimited employee support
  • Autopoll/autoreporting
  • Job Costing
  • Level Validation
  • Access Control
  • Profile Lockout
  • Benefit accruals
  • Occurrence ratings
  • Hand readers
  • PC clock
  • Webclock
  • Portable terminal interface
  • Multiplexer polling

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