workforce management hardware


| 24th April 2019

765 Time and Attendance Hardware Solution

The standard SY-765 (or TA-765) can be seamlessly integrated within your existing workforce management system to power time and attendance as well as access control. Select from a combination of authentication methods for additional security.

Standard features include:

  • Accept/reject tones
  • Scrolling keys and alphanumeric keypad
  • Signal control for bells & access
  • 4 methods of communication including on-board wireless
  • Optional POE (power over Ethernet) and WiFi
  • Operational battery backup (2 hours)
  • Supports magnetic stripe, bar code, proximity and external readers
  • 2 internal relays:
    • Sensor
    • Access Control
  • 2 external reader device ports
  • Messaging

Terminal includes: wall mount, Ethernet patch cable, external power adapter


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