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Not Your Mother’s Time Clock: Biometric Data Collection Improves the Workplace

| 22nd April 2017

Did you know that many of our most popular time and attendance biometric data collection devices can be used with your existing time and attendance software system? Rather than relying solely on browser-based entry which requires internet and a workstation, adding time clocks can improve compliance in a number of ways.



Near-Universal Devices

Connecting our devices to operate with your existing workforce management system is one of our core practices. As a hardware manufacturer, we have the unique ability to create middleware solutions that allow for interfacing with a variety of systems. Our satisfied customers have a variety of integrated systems, utilizing our SDK (software development kit) or our proprietary Java Clock Application.


Harness Real-Time Policy Calculation at The Clock

By interfacing time clock hardware with advanced time and attendance workforce management system that has defined or programmed policies, the clock is able to validate the transaction at the clock in real-time. When operating “online,” the devices communicate with the system’s parameters to determine, for example, whether or not an employee is punching in too early prior to their scheduled start time, or whether or not they have already accumulated too much overtime prior to the start of their shift. All of these calculations are dependent upon the definitions in the employer’s systems for these situations, creating a workflow that ensures policy compliance without human intervention.


Eliminate Buddy Punching

According to the American Payroll Association, over 75% of employers lose money due to buddy punching.  Buddy punching occurs when one employee punches for another employee, either using their password/PIN, their badge, or other methods. Fortunately, there are devices that can completely eliminate buddy punching due to the impossibility of duplicating biological features like live fingerprints or live 3-D facial scans. Our biometric data collection devices cannot be fooled by a buddy, and therefore eliminate unauthorized punching, reveal more absenteeism and late behavioral patterns that can help save employers money over time. Want to learn more about buddy punching? Check out our recent blog that explains how our biometric devices work, what modalities are available, how to address employee privacy concerns and more.




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