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Four Old-Fashioned Business Practices to Upgrade Today

| 4th June 2017

There may be some business practices you’re holding on to from years ago that could be holding your business back. “We’ve always done it that way” can be a phrase that’s hurting your workplace and workforce environment. Making some small, easy changes could impact your business positively in a big way! Breaking away from old habits can be hard, but we’re here to help with four simple upgrades you can make to break the mold and improve your business today!



1. Having employees punch a time clock or manually submitting time sheets.

OK, this one’s gotta go! Not only is there a lot of room for mistakes doing this manually, but your time is so much more valuable with solutions that are available today. Automating your timekeeping process is way easier than you think and it’ll save you a ton of time. If you have a lot of remote employees or have employees that are out in the field, an app with geofencing, which uses GPS, is a great solution to keep those employees’ work effective by not having them come to the office just to punch in. There are also solutions that allow your employees to clock in on their desktops, laptops, or smartphones, not just the time clock! If a physical time clock is still the right solution for your office environment, consider upgrading to a newer technology that is quicker and easier to use, and can seamlessly integrate with mobile apps and software.

2. The 9-5, in-office work day.

Working remotely is becoming the norm, especially among millennials. Employees are looking for and valuing working remotely more and more. Trusting employees to do this can be tough if it’s not something you’ve done in the workplace, but solutions like XactTime are convenient for employees to use and track their time, and more importantly, give the employer peace of mind and helps them stay compliant. It’s important for employees to feel supported, trusted, and that their company is focused on providing them the best work environment, whether it be in or out of the office.

3. Writing out employee schedules on whiteboards or paper.

We all know that these days everything we need is just a tap away on our phones. Why should employee schedules be any different? Eliminate the worry and hassle of having people call in after forgetting when they are scheduled. Many time and attendance apps, like XT Mobile for XactTime, have convenient scheduling options for the administrator, which employees can easily view on their end.

4. Hierarchy

Gone are the days of “do what you’re told” and working hunched over your desk to complete a list of tasks that were given to you by someone else. Today’s workforce values collaboration and inclusion more than anything. Brainstorming sessions or collaborating on ideas and projects are becoming more popular in workforce environments. Not only will this kind of structure promote inclusiveness and participation among your employees, but it will also make them more driven. Knowing that their opinions and questions are welcome on all levels instead of being scared or intimated by someone who has worked there longer than they have, will allow more knowledge to be shared among employees, bettering themselves and the company at the same time.


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