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| 3rd May 2019

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XactTime Software Product Updates

Current version: 6.511.40

Deployed: 10/14/17

6.511.40 (Deployed 10/14/17)

  • Upgraded to use the .NET framework 4.5
  • Added button in the edit employee screen that allows admins to delete employee’s biometric data.
  • Updated the create customer screen to show progress bar
  • Cosmetic updates to icons, links and themes

6.511.33 (Deployed 3/18/17)

  • Option to configure the system to send emails from a custom domain. If this configuration field is left blank, the system default sender is
  • Minimum lunch duration now available for SYnergy hardware used with XactTime which prevents employees from ending their lunch before the specified end time/duration.
  • Various system optimization efforts to increase performance.

6.511.32 (Deployed 8/13/16)

  • PBJ export now available
  • Software enhancements and bug fixes

6.511.31 (Deployed 6/30/16)

  • Removed duplicate entries and incorrect balance on used time records in Benefit Accrual Details report
  • Added the Benefit Transaction Summary report (it appears in the Employee section on the reports page)
  • Updated Audit Trail report to indicate which user made the change to the employee’s transaction.
  • Added the ability to run the HRPyramid Automated Export without sending the file to HRP/Prism
  • HRPyramid Automated Export no longer exports <None> when no shift differential is present
  • Added the ability to turn off Pay Rate synchronization in the HRPyramid Integration Wizard
  • HRPyramid Pay Rate synchronization defaults to OFF now unless specifically configured in the HRPyramid Integration Wizard to be enabled

6.511.30 (Deployed 6/11/16)

  • Benefit Accrual Details Report available
    • This report allows customers so view and audit all benefit details.
  • Shift differential hours included in HRP exports (for PrismHR customers)
  • Sync Pay Rate (for PrismHR customers)
  • Numerous bug fixes and enhancesments

6.511.29 (Deployed 5/8/16)

  • New & improved hardware import engine, 90% improvement in resource management, 300% improvement in speed, expanded error reporting
  • New security & authorization system, speeds up database access times by up to 700% and reduces negative impacts on system resources
  • Enhancements to new customer creation that improve reliability and serviceability
  • The reporting engine has been updated with the latest service pack available from the engine provider
  • Numerous bug fixes and performance enhancements

6.511.28 (Deployed 2016)

  • XT Mobile now available for iOS & Android
    • Current version of XT Mobile for iOS: 1.3
    • Current version of XT Mobile for Android: 1.0
  • Geofencing now available for XT Mobile 

Desktop Software Product Updates




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