Mobile App for Attendance: Featuring Punch Zones & Geostamps

| 12th May 2017

Increasingly, more and more employees are on-the-go while on-the-clock. Regardless of whether these employees are working from home or remotely from a job site, or even their favorite coffee shop, employers can benefit from geostamping or geofencing by creating punch zones for the employee’s mobile attendance.

Why do you need mobile time and attendance?

We have covered in previous blogs why it’s important to always track hours worked by employees, and remote or travelling employees are no different. These employees may need additional tracking capabilities to track travelling time or commuting time, or multiple job timers, for example, for a travelling salesperson or territory representative. To make attendance on the go simple for employees, the mobile app for DayTrack was designed to provide self-service (view schedules, time sheets) and submit requests for PTO, etc.

The mobile application for iOS or Android is free to download from the app store. Then, the employee enters the credentials given to them by their administrator to access their dashboard. From here, the employee can access a variety of features, including punching in right from the app on their smart phone. Want to demo the mobile app? Contact our sales team.

Define “punch” zones for employees or groups

If employees are allowed to punch anywhere they want, simply leave this feature disabled. However, should you want to define specific areas for employees to punch (in/out), creating a punch zone is easy. Utilize a map, address or coordinates to create the zone within which you would like to allow punches. Later, assign that zone to one employee, groups of employees, or all employees. Create multiple zones as-needed.

Or, instead of restricting punches, track them

Maybe employees can punch where ever they please, but you want to ensure they are where they say they are. If this feature appeals to your business logic, enable the geostamping feature for the mobile application for iOS and Android to include the geostamp on the audit trail of the employee time card. This data provides additional validation for the employee and the company should an employee’s punch-in location ever come in question.

How does it work?

The mobile app is running on the employee’s smartphone, utilizing the smartphone’s internal GPS device which is accurate down to approximately 10 feet. By comparing the GPS location from the employee’s smartphone, the punch is either accepted or rejected based on the pre-defined rules in the maintenance section of our software set up by an administrator. Because DayTrack is equipped with the ability to send automated notifications for some events via text (SMS) or email, rejected punches can be defined to trigger notifications for supervisors for optimal workforce management.


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