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Most Frequently Asked Sales Questions

| 28th May 2017

We receive a lot of questions from potential customers about our products and industry, so we met with our Eastern US Sales Manager, Lauren Manguso, to find out what the most frequently asked sales questions are to provide answers. If you’ve had some questions about Synel and our products, read on, and if we didn’t answer your question, let us know!



Q: Which time clock/software combination do you offer that is compliant with California Break laws?

A: We offer two software solutions with multiple hardware combinations that are compliant with the California Break laws. The first would be our Genesis line of software paired with the TA-785 terminal, Handpunch-XL terminals, of the SYnergy/A terminal if you are looking for an on-premise time and attendance solution. For those who prefer a cloud-based solution, XactTime paired with the SYnergy/A terminals is our most popular choice.

Q: I have a client who will be onboarding to XactTime soon and will need your professional services, what does this include?

A: Professional Services for XactTime,  and any of our other software solutions will consist of the following:

  • Collection of data through our questionnaire for how the customer will be using the system. This will include policies, schedules, pay periods, etc.
  • A remote questionnaire review scheduled with our technical trainer to ensure we build the database exactly the way the customer intends on using it.
  • Database build and setup with proper policies as outlined in the questionnaire
  • Implementation of hardware (if needed).
  • A remote admin training session (via GoToMeeting) which covers how to use the system, how to train employees on the system and addresses any questions regarding the setup of the database.

Q: I have a client who wants to use a biometric terminal with their TA100Pro/GenPro system but their environment is very dirty and not favorable for anything fingerprint or handreader related- is there another option for them?

A: Absolutely! The SY-910 facial recognition is a great alternative for someone looking to implement biometric readers in their solution but doesn’t have the most fingerprint or handprint “friendly” environment. With its look-and-go technology, employees won’t have to worry about missed punches because of a dirty sensor and employers won’t have to worry about buddy punching with the use of biometrics.

Q: Do your time clocks have the ability to change departments?

A: Yes, all of our hardware devices are capable of changing departments. If a user happens to change departments, it’s straightforward to make the change in all our hardware and software systems.

At Synel Americas, we aim to provide world-class customer service paired with our state-of-the-art software and hardware solutions. If you have any additional questions on our solutions that weren’t covered in the Q & A, please feel free to contact us, we’d be happy to guide you on the best fit for a time and attendance solution.


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