Handpunch Readers

HP1000E-1 workforce management– What are handpunch readers?

A secure and reliable method of timekeeping, a handpunch provides biometric security for a wide range of environments. Users can present their hand to be checked by the reader, before providing an access PIN for additional security.

A complex system on the inside, but incredibly easy to use, a handpunch takes instant measurements of the hand’s size and shape. These measurements are taken in 3D, for complete reliability in almost every situation.

Because it doesn’t rely on fingerprint reading, a handpunch can cope with hands that are covered in dust and dirt. This makes it an excellent choice for a building site or manual workplace. The security system isn’t confused by cuts or scrapes to the hand.

Biometric clocking systems improve security and workplace management by preventing “buddy punching” but can become unreliable in environments where fingers aren’t perfectly clean or exposed to chemicals. Handpunch readers are able to work in these harsh environments without compromising security.

– How a handpunch reader will benefit your business

Improved security

Biometric technologies are amongst the most secure for providing and restricting access. While ID cards can get into the wrong hands, these biometric readers rely on unique physical features to confirm an individual’s identity.

Accurate attendance records

If you’re using handpunch records for clock-in and clock-out times, then you’re removing the opportunity for what’s commonly known as
“buddy punching”. Employees can no longer ask their friends to clock in on their behalf if they are running late and students can’t ask their friends to record their attendance to lectures that they never show up for.


Most people have similar hands, but not identical enough to confuse a handpunch reader. A handpunch takes 3D measurements for complete reliability, easily able to discern one hand from another. You might think that your hand is like many others, but the handpunch reader knows better! It can read hands even if those hands aren’t standard shapes. Missing fingers or hand deformities are no problem for a handpunch reader, which makes it an inclusive security option that works effectively for almost anyone.

Easy maintenance

A handpunch can be cleaned with a cloth or an alcohol-free wipe. It’s easy to maintain and can be used in almost all indoor environments. Hand templates can be added quickly, to provide new employees with access.

– Why Synel offers the best handpunch readers on the market

Synel handpunch readers are from Schlage biometrics – a leading name in biometric security. They’re fast and precise in environments where other biometric readers might not be, such as workplaces where staff might have dirt on their fingers or be covered with cuts and plaster.

Handpunch readers can provide and restrict access, as well as recording attendance to work with our other workplace management software. Employees need to be on site physically in order to clock in successfully, which reduces any risk of “buddy punching” or attendance manipulation.

With optional backup batteries and expandable memory, you’re in control of the handpunch that’s right for your setting. Add hand templates for all employees, or every student at your college or university, and update the data at any moment. You can also choose from various connections, including serial and Ethernet communication.

With a range of models accommodating up to 32,512 employees, handpunch readers can meet the needs of businesses in every size. They also include the option to add temporary employees, during training periods or for on-site contractors.

For more information about handpunch readers, or to talk about which models and features could meet your needs, contact Synel Americas today.