SYFace Terminals - Facial Recognition

Facial Recognition Timeclock for Sale

Synel's most advanced biometric data capture hardware employs Dual Facial Recognition Technology using a mapping algorithm so sophisticated it can distinguish between identical twins, ever-changing facial hair, different applications of makeup, and more. The algorithm instantly maps the user's facial structure using a specific number of points and dimensions that a two-dimensional picture cannot fool, unlike many other biometric devices.
  • SYFace terminals can eliminate buddy punching by implementing the most accurate and fool-proof technology in biometric data collection
  • Facial recognition technology is a hygienic alternative to traditional biometric data collection
  • Perfect for use in environments where fingerprints or palms may be difficult to authenticate or when use of employee badge or credentials are not feasible
  • SYFace terminals can eliminate costly badge and card accessories with look-and-go time and attendance and access control
  • Instantly match user profiles from the database and monitor data collection in real-time with Synel's SYFace terminals
  • Integrate facial recognition with employees, visitors, building and grounds maintenance workers, contractors and more by easily enrolling new members with customized or pre-defined parameters based on time, location and more
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