About Synel Americas:

Human resource management is an important and sensitive matter for all organizations, large and small alike. Therefore the solution must be precise, optimal and tailored to the organization’s employees and visitors.

Our complete solutions help companies save time and money by eliminating manual time keeping, integrating employee data into payroll and HR systems, and more. From eliminating buddy punching to granting door access, our workforce management solutions serve a variety of needs while helping you stay compliant and cost-effective.

Consider the Synel advantage:

  • Synel is a global manufacturing and development company with multiple subsidiaries and a partner network serving over 32 countries around the world
  • Synel Americas serves all of North and Latin America
  • 24+ years of experience in installations and service for thousands of customers
  • Strong financial backing
  • Complete in-house support for training and implementation
  • Advanced equipment replacement available for minimal down-time
  • Advanced technology and products including multiple forms of biometric data capture