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IBC workforce management
External Slot Reader
| 2nd May 2019

The ER-1, external reader, reads magnetic stripes, with up to three tracks of information with…

HID_iClass workforce management
HID Reader iClass
| 2nd May 2019

The HID Reader iClass proximity reader is a powerfully secure, multi-layered security solution that ensures…

HID-Prox-Point-Reader workforce management
HID Proximity
| 2nd May 2019

The HID proximity reader is fast, reliable device with a small footprint that can be…

PRX-20 Reader
| 1st May 2019

The PRX-20 is a high performance indoor/outdoor waterproof card reader with stable and simple wiring.…

PRX-20 workforce management
| 24th April 2019

El PRX-20 es un lector de tarjeta de alto rendimiento para interiores/exteriores a prueba de…

SYPRX workforce management
| 24th April 2019

El PRX-30/B es un lector de tarjetas de proximidad que pueden emular a las tarjetas…