Meet our most advanced, user-friendly workforce management and attendance system: DayTrack. The system’s beautifully designed interface, coupled with its powerful capabilities, creates a simple and straightforward experience for all levels of users—from employees to administrators.

DayTrack Software Manages:

  • Attendance entries
  • Employee schedules
  • Benefit tracking/PTO requests (absence time calculations)
  • Complex reporting/exporting

DayTrack’s Capabilities Include:

  • English, Spanish, or French language interface options
  • Beautifully designed dashboard graphics
  • Easy-to-use access from any web browser
  • User-friendly mobile application for iOS & Android
  • 5 or 10 levels of access for different user divisions/levels
  • Full compatibility with major payroll companies (custom payroll interfacing available)
  • Import/export available to transfer data between systems
  • Unlimited reporting capabilities in CSV, .html, .xls, or .PDF formats
  • Customizable graphic reports for administrators
  • Advanced automated scheduling
  • Multiple calendar templates available
  • On-demand dynamic information for attendance, hours distribution, absence distribution, missing punches, missing approval, and more
  • At-a-glance averages and patterns for labor utilization
  • Filter, funnel, and sort data/information according to preferences
  • Define an unlimited number of rules and pay types
  • Expandable database meant to grow with your organization
  • Co-branding available for an additional fee
  • Hosted or licensed application

How can the DayTrack Software improve your organization’s bottom line, improve compliance, increase employee engagement, and provide insight into labor utilization?

For Employees:

  • DayTrack software provides simple and friendly employee self-service so employees feel empowered to manage their time, schedules, PTO and other workforce management related tasks more effectively and independently, which increases employee participation and engagement.
  • Utilizing attendance pattern reports created in DayTrack for employee performance reviews can provide a benchmark with which to measure improvement.

For Administrators:

  • The system manages benefit accruals (also known as PTO tracking) to make balances and requests a breeze.
  • DayTrack’s complex data capture and reporting creates opportunities to project costs by project, department, time frame, etc., and measure against actual utilization to help you make more informed decisions about attendance, labor utilization, overtime, task timelines, and more.
  • External system integration and payroll transfer make payday painless and compliant from punch to paycheck.
  • The DayTrack software has complex reporting abilities provide a wide variety of popular reports and exports as well as the ability to customize or build-your-own on-demand, or as needed, to ensure full compliance and to fulfill audit trail purposes.

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