| 25th April 2019

This elegantly designed hardware is an advanced time and attendance and access control solution that is easily integrated within your existing workforce management system. With multiple authentication methods available, administrators can customize the user experience and verification combinations.

Standard features include:

  • Complex attendance, job and shop floor control reporting
  • Messaging
  • 8 programmable function keys, plus alphanumeric keypad
  • Accept/reject tones
  • Signal control for bells & access
  • 4 methods of communication including on-board wireless
  • Supports POE (power over Ethernet)
  • Operational battery backup (2 hours)
  • Supports magnetic stripe, bar code, proximity and external readers
  • 2 internal relays:
    • Sensor
    • Access control
  • 2 external reader device ports

Terminal includes: wall mount, Ethernet patch cable, external power adapter


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